Sunday, April 20, 2008


So life got the best of me, and well....I got busy.

This one wasn't the was totally the doc.

A woman came in to deliver baby number 10. She was nearly 40, advanced maternal age and probably, while most of us would have been long done having kids she and her husband, who were both very religious were going to let what may happen, happen.

Her OB was out of town, and since she is in practice by herself, another doctor was covering for her. He came in to deliver the baby and after the delivery asked if they were doing her tubal the next day. The woman's husband spoke up and said, "No, we would never do that."

"You're going to have more kids?" the doctor asks.

"God tells us that may be in his plan for us."

"God talks to you?"

From the completely mocking tone I can tell this conversation is going downhill fast.


"You should be evaluated for that."

I try and change the subject to the baby quickly which seems to work but only temporarily. Before the doctor leaves the room he sneaks up behind the dad and bellows out in an ominous voice. "This is God...Get a tubal."

I wanted to die.


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_Curly_Girl_ said...

I really miss your posts. Please come back :))

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Dana said...

Are you alive?

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