Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are there 10 fingers and 10 toes?

Sometimes you just need a good poker face. For example, today, my patient's baby had not one extra digit but four. Two extra fingers and two extra toes. One of these was a good sturdy finger but the others were fairly repulsive, dangling from long fleshy strings. While overall, this is a fairly common issue, this particular case about did me in. I think I have issues with body parts where there shouldn't be body parts. It was about all I could do to not contort my face into a horrified expression before mom even got to lay eyes on her baby girl.

If you are worried about this child being relentlessly teased once she is old enough to go to school, in most cases, a surgeon will place a suture around the extra finger or toe and it will fall off on its own. If it is a nice fat one, minor surgery is required. In most cases, the kid will never even know that they were once called twinkle twelve toes, unless mom is mean and took lots of pictures to pull out on prom night.

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