Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

At nearly 7 AM after a very long night, a woman and her daughter wander on to the floor. My coworker, who was using the secretary's computer ask the girl:

"What's your name?"

"Meggan Jones" (actually I don't remember her name but roll with it)

"Who is your doctor?"

"Dr. Smith" She looks confused.

"Did you call him?"

"Ummm," (More confusion) "I am not pregnant."

Now I start laughing. The secretary who is standing at the counter behind my coworker is also laughing. My coworker doesn't catch it.

"OK, well, we are going to put you down in room 12. You can head on down there and change into a gown. There is a cup on the back of the toilet if you would please leave us a urine sample."

The girl, looking unsure of what do actually starts walking down there.

Finally the mom speaks up:

"Sweetie, SHE'S NOT PREGNANT! We are looking for her sister.

At this point my laughter was pretty uncontrolable.


Flann said...

Wait, so they're not supposed to ask visitors for urine samples? I have some questions to ask a few hospitals I've been to ...

Lifes.So.Sweet said...


When my water broke with baby #1, we went straight to the hospital. My husband spoke to the security staff and said "My wife's water broke". The security girl asked what her name was. My husband answered. The security then got on the phone and called up L&D.
My husband & I waited for the ok to go up to L&D.
The security girl got off the phone and looks at my husband and says, "Are you sure, there isn't anyone registered with that name in L&D".
My husband, realizing what happened, started laughing and said "No, she's right here, we thought we had to register with you to go up to L&D."

Well, lent me tell ya, that guard was so embrassed...