Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm.

Sometimes you hear just enough of a conversation to make you desperately curious on and glad you are walking the other way all at the same time. As I was leaving today I caught this tidbit in the hallway.

Two nurses are walking together carrying about every type of restraint imaginable. Another nurse passes and asks "Where are you going with those?"

"The ER. We have a Hannibal Lector down there."



Andrew & Audra said...

We had a psychotic hannibal lector the other night as well. He was in leather restraints and sheet tie-downs for hours as he screamed and lashed out. i walked as far around him as I could!

ER Nurse

Elle said...

If I had heard that, I would RUN, not walk, towards the nearest exit! Ugh, just the idea of it makes my skin crawl...

Kate said...

Ah, see, those are the ones they call me in for. I do the mental health assessments in the ER. Good times.

Was directed here by a friend and am gigglier for it. And will not eat strawberries for a while.

Rachel said...

Yeah..those creepy patients make me wonder why I'm a nurse!!!! 5 point restraints and spit masks make for a lovely evening.

ER Nurse

Michael said...

I am sorry. I just can't resist....

"Hello Clarice...."

I love your blog and i knew that I don't eat strawberries for a reason.