Sunday, November 25, 2007

Signs you may be too young.

Here is my compiled experience on signs that you may be too young to be having a baby. I realize that by the time they get to me it is way too late but I still have an opinion.

Possible signs you are too young to have a baby:
- You are still giggling when I tell you I have to check your cervix
- You bring your blankie and are more concerned about not getting it dirty than anything else
- You are still using random slang like "kitty box" for your girl parts in public

Probable signs you are too young to have a baby:
- Your mother, grandmother, and great grandmother are all present for delivery
- You show up holding your own personal Teletubby doll you owned as a toddler
- Your reason for not breastfeeding includes fear of lactating through your gown for your formal

Definite signs you are too young to have a baby:
- You ask for a school excuse from L&D
- You have to ask your mom's permission to get an epidural

and, my all time jaw dropper:
- when asked for your insurance card and photo id you pull out your year book opened to the page with your picture.


Flann said...

Jeebus Christmas. Was this all one girl?

NeoNurse said...

Oh my... those are certainly cringeworthy! (and I love your nod to the possible, probable, and definite signs of pregnancy with this list)

This has certainly made me start to think, and I have a few I could add, but the best so far is probably...

Possible sign: If you wear yor favorite pair of Care Bear pajamas into the NICU to visit your baby... you may be too young.

l&d.rn said...

I am not sure if it's a good or bad thing it's not all the same person.

prettyhelmet said...

i am shocked. SHOCKED i say! i sincerely hope that this was all one person for the thought of multiple people like this running around the world makes me feel all spiky and hateful.

by the way, being 29 and the proud owner of a blankie makes me adorable right?

heather said...

I am a L&D RN coming out of lurkdom to tell you my favorite... when the patient and her baby go to the same pediatrician!!!!

Christian Kay said...

Hey now...I am 27 and still have my mother, grandmother and great grandmother. If I had a baby, you bet they would all be there.

Lee said...


(please say they're made up)


Kitty said...

I love your blog.I am pregnant with my second and at my first birth my l&d nurse said I was a "pleasure" to work with lol Probably because I'm fairly normal and listened to her.I see completley where your coming from because ,especially when your pregnant you hear a lot of crazy,irrational stories from women about their pregnancies or birth experiences and it reasssures you that it is so nice to be normal lol I do not envy you-you have a hard job!

MarsBar said...

Can I add a couple?

Possible sign: Your room TV is blaring the Disney Channel all night.

Possible sign: While teaching a new mom to change her son's diaper she is constantly saying "Eww, gross! I am not touching that!"