Monday, October 8, 2007

A borrowed story.

On the rare occassion that every one isn't running in different directions, we like to exchange stories. One day I hope to engage everyone in a "strangest thing I have found in a vagina" pissing contest but for now that will have to wait.

One of the doctors I worked with was telling a story from his residency overseas. In true, House-like fashion, a woman comes in to the ER extremely sick and nobody knows what is wrong with her. After a head to toe exam and blood work ups they find out the woman is pregnant and pass it along to OB. That's when Dr. Smith arrives, does a vaginal exam and finds a really nasty looking lesion inside her vagina. He tests for every STD in the book and figures the case is closed. Then the tests all came back negative.

By this time, the woman's health is rapidly deteriorating. She has been admitted to the hospital, has a terrible fever and barely conscious. New cultures are taken of the lesion and sent out to every lab imaginable. The results? Cat scratch fever.

If you know nothing about cat scratch fever, it is a disease carried by catch and caused by the obvious. It can cause mild to significant systemic illness with a rather nasty lesion at the site of the cat scratch.

No, he didn't ask how.


ktdid said...

I love these stories! I'm an LD nurse and usually around 3am is when these stories start. That or we have contests to think up the most unusual name we've heard for the vagina : ) I'm loving your blog!!

l&d.rn said...

OK, you must share what the best vagina name you've heard is.

ktdid said...

one of my favs- and it's not even dirty- is "groceries". It always makes me laugh!