Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The lies we tell ourselves.

"I really did weigh 130 before I got pregnant. I must have gained 100 pounds in the first 6 weeks."

"You guys are stupid. I know EXACTLY what day I got pregnant and I am 44 weeks." (Again, a story for another day.)

"Nobody can ever draw blood because I have really deep veins" (Yep, I am sure you weighing 400 pounds has nothing to do with it.)

"I think my water broke."

Ok, I know that last one seems weird but I can't tell you how many women are dramatically rushed into L&D by their concerned significant others after "their water breaks" when they know good and well they accidentally peed on themselves.

You have a baby sitting on your bladder. It can happen. Yes, it is embarrassing BUT I promise it is less embarrassing than spending several hours and hundreds of dollars at the hospital only to have someone tell you that the gush of fluid that you felt actually came from your bladder. This is especially true if your loving and freaked out spouse has already called your parents, in-laws and best friend to join you at the hospital for the news.


Rhiannon said...

I just have to say that "water breaking" actually has to make me laugh. Mine really did brake early with both of mine and I actually did wait quite some time deciding weather to call the midwife or go in, just because of the fact that I wasn't sure if I peed on myself.

And it would for sure explain the "yea sure" reactions I got when I finally did go into L & D. haha I guess it's only natural when you get it all the time!

I'm in nursing school now and I just LOVE your blog. Thanks!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i wonderif you still check this blog, i have enjoyed reading it and do not know how i found it. but this one was kinda funny to me. with our last daughter i went to the hospital (pragnant 5 times) and said my water broke, i was 26 weeks. the nurse checked me and said no you did not, even did the strip test. i said i assure you it did, i was gushing fluid, i mean GUSHING every time i moved. so they called my OB and said it was urine and sent me home. told me to buy adult diapers. that was a saturday, on monday i went in to see my OB, he takes one look at my vagina and said, YOUR WATER BROKE. i was placced in the hospital and was able to hold her in for 5 more weeks without contactions. it makes me nervous about our next i get pragnant. any suggestions. one more thing, i have never heard of a cathedor for a epiduryl is that common at your hospital, i only had one with my first but they did not give me a cathedor..